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Designed for the future.
Integrated for construction.

Spec-grade integration for intelligent lighting controls and connected building systems.

Complex Products
Made Simple

Systems That Help Our Clients Become As Efficient as Possible

At Ctrl Building we provide specification-grade integration for intelligent lighting control and IoT connected building systems. We understand the benefits of smart, data-driven platforms and help our clients realize their goals in workplace sustainability, comfort, and efficiency through strategic device planning and sensor deployment.  

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Seamless End-To-End Solution

We bridge the gaps between manufacturer, designer and contractor to deliver your smart-building vision into a fully functional physical environment.

Electric Cables

Design Engineering

Skilled applications engineers help you choose the right system for the project. 

Project Management & Hardware Supply

We work with your construction team to schedule, review and process material orders.

Startup, Training
& Maintenance

We program the system to optimum functionality and ensure your building staff is trained for everyday use. 

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Companies We Serve


Are You Ready To Bring Your Building To Life?

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