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Our Services

Our services cover the entire timeline of your project from design through construction and on-going space management.

Architectural Plans

For Specifiers

We educate you on the latest capabilities in smart-building technology and help you to develop the system strategy that will best meet your clients goals in workplace efficiency and sustainability

  • In-depth product training

  • Device layouts and wiring diagrams

  • Project budgeting and status reports.

For Contractors

Our team creates the bill of materials based off the design plans and work with your suppliers to deliver a working system on-time and within budget

  • Quick, accurate material quotes.

  • Order supply and project management.

  • Install diagrams and kick-off training.

  • System commissioning and programming.

Under Construction

For Property Owners

Once installed, we train your building operators how to use the system and provide insight that will help you realize the fullest potential of your space.


  • Space analytics and planning.

  • Energy and usage reporting.

  • Extended service agreements.

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