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Our Systems

We support the latest technologies in lighting and building control systems.

Connected Lighting Controls

Lighting systems designed, delivered, and programmed to create an atmosphere of well-being for your occupants while saving energy and meeting code.

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

By carrying both power and communication over the same low-voltage cable, PoE drastically reduces the time and materials needed to install traditional power systems while providing the digital infrastructure to connect all of your critical building devices.

Smart Sensor Networks

Advanced sensor technologies provide vision for your critical building systems and produce powerful data for people, energy, and space analytics.

Spatial Fields

A first-of-its-kind platform that uses 3D sensing technology to detect people, objects, environments, and movement in real time - Spatial Fields provides a new world of space management applications for Commercial Real Estate.



Integrated Luminaires

Reliable LED light fixtures built to your specification and integrated with our controls equipment to reduce costs and simplify installations.

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